Sunday, March 18, 2018


  • Saturday, March 24, St. Mary's will have a Chicken Dinner Fundraiser.  The chicken has been donated and will be cooked by Pilgrims Pride!  Tickets are $10 each and can be bought through the front office.  All proceeds will go directly to St. Mary's!  Please support our fundraiser and have a delicious meal too!
  • Holy Week is coming up.  Friday, March 30, will be the Outdoor Way of the Cross at 10:00am.  Good Friday Service will be at 3:00pm and Easter Vigil will be Saturday, March 31, at 8:00pm.  
  • Spring Fling is coming back!!  Mark your calendar for May 5th and look for emails from your child's teacher for detailed information.  Each class is responsible for a booth and a basket.  If you have any ideas, or would like to help your teacher, let them know!
  • You can visit the school website and view the calendar for a complete list of events for the week.

Student Council Week

March 19-23, 2018

Monday: Candy Land

  • Dress Theme: Sweet Dreams (pajamas) for grades 8-12.  Outfits must be appropriate for school, no sleeveless shirts, leggings, gym shorts, etc. OUTFITS MUST BE RELATED TO THEME, or they will need to call home or go change into school uniform.

  • Student Council campaigning begins. Posters and Flyers may be hung.

  • Student Council & Class Officer applications and speeches are due to Mrs. Krista Sklar by 3:20 P.M. (written or email

Tuesday: World History Day:  NO COSTUMES! 

  • Student Council speeches are given by candidates, after morning prayer to grades 8-12. 

  • Student Council election voting will occur at the beginning of first hour following speeches.

Wednesday: Cranium

  • Uniform Mass Attire for grades 10-12, Cranium (nerd day) for grades 8-9 (Students may NOT change clothes after mass).

Thursday: The Game of Life

  • Uniform Mass Attire for grades 8-9, Game of Life (dress as a career) for grades 10-12 (Students may NOT change clothes after mass).

  • Class Officer elections take place during morning break, Class sponsors should be present and a member of the Student Council Executive Board will be assigned to each room. 

    • 8th grade will meet in Mrs. Gallien’s room during break, w/ George and Sarah

    • 9th grade will meet in Mr. Lane’s room during break, w/ Dylan

    • 10th grade will meet in Dr. Ward’s room during break, w/ Jeremy

    • 11th grade will meet in Mr. Landry’s room during break, w/ Erica

    • Executive Board, along with Mrs. Sklar will assist in counting class votes.

Friday: Scrabble

  • Dress Theme: Scrabble (dress up as something that begins with the same letter as your name) OR (dress as a letter and spell out words with friends)

  • Election Results are announced during Morning Prayer

  • Student Council & Class Officer campaigning material must be removed by candidates by 3:30 P.M.

Everyone Have a Great Week!!