June 10, 2016


  • The Bishops of Louisiana have approved the formation of a task force to continue looking into all options when it comes to the future of Catholic high school athletics.  The task force will continue to meet in the coming months.  By no means does this mean the Catholic schools of Louisiana have closed the door on LHSAA membership, nor has there been a commitment to any one future plan.  The task force will be working for what is in the best interest of the student athletes in Catholic schools through out the state. 
  • Caplan's will be at the school Tuesday, June 14th, from 10:30 to 1:30.  Please keep in mind that you can exchange any purchased item that hasn't been worn, washed and still has original tags in place.  If you shop early, you can wait to have free alterations done at the beginning of August.
  • If you have any Alumni news or information, you can email Melissa Frye at mfrye@smstigers.org or Payne Williams at willwill@cp-tel.net.  
  • The first day of school will be August 12th for grades 1st through 12th.
  • NCAA Code to submit ACT scores is 9999
  • TOPS Code to submit ACT Scores is 1595
  • School code for Renweb is sms-la
  • St. Mary's School Code is 191-930
  • Coach Kern will host a Tiger Basketball Camp June 27th-30th.  Applications will be accepted until June 27th (the first day of camp) 

10 Math Apps You Need To See

  • Grid Multiplication by Esa Heltula offers an interactive way to learn the grid multiplication method. ($3.99, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.)
  • Math Zombies helps students answer math questions while playing a fun game! (Free version, compatible with iPad.)
  • Hungry Fish is an addictive mental math game. ($1.99, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.)
  • Operation Math turns students into math spies. ($2.99 for iPad and $2.99 for Android.)
  • Math vs. Zombies is similar to #2 on this list, but is designed for Android.
  • Front Row is designed for teachers, not students. Front Row provides over 15 thousand common core aligned questions that are graded automatically and given to students based on their level. This means no writing worksheets, no grading, and differentiated teaching made easy. It’s designed for the iPad and is free.
  • Math Duel encourages a little healthy competition while helping to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! ($2.99, compatible with iPad.)
  • Oh No Fractions! helps break tricky fractions down into handy visuals. (Free, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.)
  • Algebra Touch helps make algebra come to life. ($2.99, Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.)
  • King of Math lets students level up their characters by answering math questions. ($1.99 for Android.)

Alumni Fundraiser

Henry Chandler was the guest chef and auctioneer for our annual fundraiser.  As you can tell by the pictures, a good time was had by all!!  We appreciate all of our alumni and the generosity they show to our school!!

More Tiger Awards

Final cheer awards for UCA camp at NSU!!!

  • 1st place in Extreme Routine
  • 2nd place in Sideline
  • 3rd in Cheer
  • 5 All Americans- Anne Evans, Elizabeth Jackson, Elizabeth deVargas, Lauren Vienne, Rylee Wyer and were invited to perform in Houston.
  • 5 Pin It Forwards- Anne Evans, Elizabeth Jackson, Elizabeth deVargas, Hailey Seaman, Rylee Wyer
  • Day 3 Banana Winners
  • 1st in Skit
  • Gold Superior Ribbons for cheer, dance, sideline, HomeRoutine, Extreme Routine, and Home Fight Song
  • Game Day Champs in Large Cheer Squad division
  • Rylee Wyer, Anne Evans, and Elizabeth Jackson were invited to UCA Instructor tryouts.
  • Hottest Cheer Dad award to St. Mary's- Chris Maggio
  • 4 spirit stick awards

Danceline Camp Awards!!!

  • All 8 girls learned at least 3 dances and of the 24 dances they received 21 Superior blue ribbons and 3 Excellent red ribbons!!
  • They won the overall Team Full Out Award.
  • They received the team Leadership Award.
  • Every team got to vote to pick another team they would like to be a member of... and our team was picked out of all the other teams there!!
  • The girls received 7 Superior Drill Down Award ribbons.
  • Madelyn and Katelyn both received Pin It Forwards. Only 8 were given throughout the whole camp!!
  • Superior rating for Home Routine.
  • Overall Superior for camp.
  • Spirit Stick EVERY night of camp.
  • Katelyn was selected as all American and was invited to perform in the London New Year's Day Parade!!

Way to go Lady Tigers!! You all make us very proud!!!