Assistance with tuition, in the form of partial grants, may be available for qualifying St. Mary’s families. Assistance is intended to aid with tuition expenses; however, they do not cover full tuition or any applicable fees.  

Assistance for students’ grades K – 12 is determined based on documentation submitted by the family through Tuition Assistance Data Services (www.tads.com). The family applying for assistance, through this third-party service, is responsible for submission of all information. Funds for this assistance are limited; therefore, all applications must be submitted to TADS no later than May 1, of each year. Families must re-apply for assistance each year. For more information concerning tuition assistance please contact the Registrar.

Click here to apply at tads.com

Use this financial aid worksheet to guide you through the application process.

Click here to apply at tads.com

Applications for the 2017 -18 school year are available.