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1101 East Fifth St.
Natchitoches, Louisiana 71457


Mission & Purpose

St. Mary’s exists to get our young men and women into heaven and into college. The primary purpose of all Catholic Schools is discipleship and, ultimately, salvation in Jesus Christ. Within (and not beyond) that purpose is the formation of the mind, heart and body - in short, the whole child. That “Whole Child” formation includes academic formation (which is ultimately ordered to right thinking, right judgement and right communication), social formation (which is ultimately ordered to right psychological development, right citizenship and leadership) and physical education (which is ultimately ordered to the health, personal discipline and a developed sense of fair play).

In order to accomplish this ambitious program of “Whole Child” formation, St. Mary’s maintains an academic faculty, a religious faculty (including local clergy), a broad community of athletic teams and academic clubs and a social community of students, parents, stakeholders and alumni. These efforts are buttressed by the prayers and stability of the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in the Historic District.

Since 1888, St. Mary’s has had the heart of Natchitoches. Catholics and non-Catholics, Alumni and non-Alumni alike recognize something of that primordial Natchitoches "je ne c’est qua" that lives on as if the years had not passed. Many of the great men and women of Natchitoches are counted among our alumni and many more are present to cheer for the St. Mary’s Tigers as they pursue greatness in Athletics and Academic Competition. Our greatness is not a product of programing or cash, it’s a function of the community that loves St. Mary’s and prays for us and wants to see us succeed - even when that seems difficult or impossible.