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Faith Life

A Roman Catholic School in the Tradition of the French School. Students of all Faith-Traditions are welcome.

The Roman Catholic Church has always prioritized the education of the young in all facets of knowledge. This tradition flows from the firm belief that the work of salvation begins in the work of leading the Christian life in the world. To this end, there is no meaningful separation between religious studies and worldly studies. Everything which affects man is from God! At St. Mary’s, faith permeates every aspect of the day from the content of studies to prayer before meals.

Despite the reputation and misconception which is common in the so-called Bible Belt, the Catholic Church welcomes any and all who are interested to be a part of our religious services and to attend our schools. All truly are welcome! Full participation in the Sacraments is, of course, limited to fully initiated Catholics, but all have a place in the Catholic Church and at St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s has as it’s purpose to get children into heaven and into college. We do this by establishing an environment that allows natural and supernatural virtue to develop and blossom. 

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?  The life of faith can never be merely an add-on or a "Sunday morning thing" for a Christian. Christ Jesus is the source and summit of any well lived life. Despite the nonsensical and illogical assumptions of the world, faith is no mere appendage to the mind, it's what gives the mind direction! Without faith, the mind is left to ponder the eternal things with neither direction nor instrumentation nor wise guidance.

It is the height of tragedy that our world has abandoned faith in favor of lesser things like science and technology. Without the wisdom of the ages, science and technology are matches in the hands of a child. With the wisdom of faith, these tools become what they are - gifts of God to bring the Earth into right order.

To these ends, St. Mary's students are encouraged to grow in the knowledge and love of God and the Church every day in every class. Nothing which is true can ever hope to be separated from The Way the Truth and Life.

Students begin classes with prayer, attend Holy Mass weekly and participate in other spiritual exercises throughout the year. Fr. Deshautelle is in each religion class monthly for Q&A and confession. 

Special attention is given that part of human nature which needs to think and sit on the eternal things. At St. Mary's, we trust the Holy Spirit to lead our students into all Truth. And there can be greater Wisdom than He who is Wisdom itself.




The school day begins with all students gathered in the gym for morning prayer, the pledge of allegiance and daily announcements. Morning prayer begins promptly at 8:00. Additionally, students begin each class with prayer.


All students, grade 2 and up attend Holy Mass weekly. Typically, the Mass takes place in the school chapel. Six to eight times each year, all-school Masses are celebrated in the school gym for special occasions.


All students, grade 3 and up are offered the opportunity to go to confession with a priest on a monthly basis. Typically, an entire class goes to the chapel together, they are welcomed by Father and a teacher facilitates. Non-Catholic students are welcome to speak with Father in a counseling setting if they’d like, but no one is required to confess or to seek counseling. Students may also request a private meeting with Father through their religion teacher.


All students, grade 1 and up receive a monthly visitation by Fr. Deshautelle. He answers questions and provides instruction in the Faith as requested by students and teachers. He also spends time getting to know the students. 


Throughout the year, students in selected classes will travel to local community service facilities to assist the poor and needy with all manner of good works. These students must submit permission forms from home.